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What can you expect to get?

As a Customer interested in finding out about your family history you will be interested to know what you can expect for your money. The following are examples of the types of information which research can turn up. The Customer should be aware that not all the information will be of an upbeat nature as research can sometimes uncover family skeletons, illegitimacy, causes of death, etc. 

The Family History Report

This will be in the form of a Word document and an example can be emailed to the buyer. NB: this will vary in size and depth of research dependant on time purchased and success of data retrieval.

The Family Tree

This will be produced on Family Tree Legends Genealogy software package, however, it will be scanned onto JPEG format to allow the buyer to receive an email copy. If the Customer has Family Tree then a .ftl file will be supplied at no additional charge.

The GEDCOM file

This file will be produced on a Word document in standard Gedcom format and can be used on standard genealogy software and on many genealogy websites for sharing family research. The Customer can have the Gedcom .ged file uploaded to http://www.rootsweb.com/ also at no additional cost (this will exclude any details of living relatives for the Customer's own data protection).

Family History Documentation

Examples of documentation can be emailed on request, e.g. births, marriages, deaths, censuses and Old Parish Records. NB: in most cases censuses and OPRs will be provided as transcriptions - if original copies of these are required it will usually cost an additional £0.50 (50 pence) per page on top of the agreed contractual price.