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Prices and Estimates 

Wheech Scottish Ancestral Services - Scale of Prices (Email [email protected] for a free estimate!)

Prices for Research (as at 1 November 2019) are as follows, however, initial evaluations and cost estimates are free:-

  • Minimum price for research is £26 per hour (approx. $34 USD). This is a fairly standard price for ASGRA members. 
  • My minimum research time is two hours at £52. Usually very little can be achieved in less than two hours. 
  • I also do customised Family History packages usually requiring at least 6 hours and upwards. These vary on a client by client basis depending on the client's needs so please discuss this with me directly.

As an example, a Family History package, given sufficient initial details from the client, should allow research on the family tree to get back to around the mid-19th century when starting from the early 20th century and on average the cost would be around £150-160, dependent on the level of detail required by the client.

Research will include the following:-

  • Internet searches on legitimate genealogical sites including ScotlandsPeople, Findmypast, FamilySearch, National Archives, Rootsweb and many other recognised sites
  • Manual searches at Scottish Libraries, General Register House and National Archives, Edinburgh & London
  • Preparation of a Family Tree chart and Gedcom file on Family Tree Legends software package
  • Production of a Family History report in Microsoft Word format
  • Travel costs and other general expenses (e.g., photocopying, scanning, typing, but excluding postage costs)

Additional costs are not included for the price of certain documentation, e.g., searches of Wills / Testaments / Inventories and other non-standard searches and these will be invoiced separately on confirmation that the buyer wishes to purchase any of the following, although the buyer should be aware that some of these documents may be vital to allow the research to proceed.

  • Searches and transcriptions of Wills, Testaments and Inventories will be £26.00 per hour
  • Non-standard documentation, e.g., archival material in General Register House / National Archives will be at a cost to be agreed with the buyer based on time and workload required.
  • NB: all the above additional costs include file searches and transcriptions and transmission (normally by email) to the buyer, however, the Researcher will always agree with the buyer a price in advance for documentation. There is no charge for documents purchased which fail to fit the Requestor's family tree.
  • There will be no additional charge for emailed information to the Requestor, however, cost of any postage & packaging or transfer of data to CD for posting will be charged additionally and you should request prices separately for these services.

All Non-UK payments must be transacted by PayPal invoice unless otherwise agreed with the Researcher. All Customers may request to pay by cheque in GB Sterling, however, cheques must be cleared before any research findings can be passed to the buyer. Cheques should be crossed and made payable to "John McGee".